Thursday, February 6, 2014

Notes from PaySwarm Wordpress Plugin., pt 4

I reinstalled Wordpress, but I found some errors of my doing when I did so. The first thing that I noticed was that I forgot to type make in the console, therefore rendering the plugin inoperable. It gave an error that it could not find jsonld.php (if I can recall correctly). After typed make in the console as it suggests on the github website ( I ran into another error that involved not registering a key. I saw this error when I was trying to create a new post. It reported an issue with line 1321 of the file with registering a private key (if I can recall correctly). I then ran into another error  when I was trying to register the key. I got an error in a pop-up box with the title, "404 Not Found", and the contents, "Not Found" for the title, and "The requested URL /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/payswarm/payswarm-register.php was not found on this server" for the body.

Right now I figure the next step is to change the title of the payswarm plugin folder from "payswarm-wordpress" to payswarm.

I found that I had trouble getting the wordpress console to recognize the change, so I logged out then reinstalled the payswarm plugin from github in the wordpress plugins folder I took care to avoid the errors that I made before. In addition, I discovered that I needed to publish my posts rather than just preview them. It seems to work now:

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