Sunday, October 19, 2014

Car Conceptuatlization in WordNet

This is my current conceptualization of the terms relating to car in the Wordnet hierarchy. Hierarchies are for synsets. synset-motor_vehicle-noun-1.rdf is a hyponymOf synset-self-propelled_vehicle-noun-1. wordsense-automotive-vehicle-noun-1 is a sense of word-automotive-vehicle which fits in the synset-motor_vehicle-noun-1.rdf synset.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Select Part_Of Ontology Triples

This is an attempt to write down all of the triples that describe the relation of a contribution to a wheel of a car. I am unsure, but the term wheel may not be needed since it is described with a hyponym relationship in the synset-car_wheel_noun-1.rdf file.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Drilling Down W3C Wordnet using Grep (a novice adventure)

 I downloaded wn20full (WordNet on the W3C site ( and searched the contents for instances of wheel. The first is the string "wheel" with and without spaces around it, and the second is the string "wheel" with spaces around it. I then looked at the output for appropriate instances of wheels that could be used on automobiles. Thank you grymoire for your wonderful tutorial on regular expressions ( that helped make this possible.

The commands were as follows:

grep -n "wheel" /home/brent/Downloads/wn20full/* > /home/brent/Documents/wheel_long.txt

grep -n " wheel " /home/brent/Downloads/wn20full/* > /home/brent/Documents/wheel_short.txt
I plan to use these for the REA construction presented earlier.The next step is to figure out what to use in this, and if it can be referenced online. It would be wonderful if I could also do a SPARQL query.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Thank you to..

Melvin Carvalho, Kingsley Idehen, Manu Sporny, Timothy Holborn, Jason Stone, Elf Palvik, Markus Sabadello, Owen Amber, Michel Bauwens, Gannon Dick, Samuel Rose, John Wilbanks, Greg S., Tyler Barton, Micah Alcorn, Jacob Johnson, Jaywalker, Cassady Dixon, Jack Senechal, Paul Trevithick, Justin Briggs, Rory Ford, Sean Satterlee, Amanda Harlin, Kendall Werts, Rhett Greenhagen, Lawrence Kincheloe, Toby Inkster, David Wood, Tiberius Brastaviceanu, Dan Weaver, Josh Cowan,Waylon Flinn, Carrie Olson, Beau Schwabe, Doc Searls, and countless others that I have not mentioned...

for your positive encouragement or assistance with this project

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Concept Map to Structured Data

Illustration of the need for a tool that aids the user in converting a rough concept map to structured data expressed using standard ontologies.