Monday, March 16, 2015

Structure of the Ontology for Agent-Relationship-RelationshipType (.js)

This is my version which is available at See the source at:

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hydra Community Group

I have not been following them, but it looks interesting:

comment about "Getting Started with the Linked Data Platform"

This is a wonderful introduction to the need for the linked data platform (but it is light on technical details)

Getting Started with the Linked Data Platform by Arnaud J Le Hors

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Personal Reference ... Useful links (from Master_17 iirc)

L^e Bach Thanh, Construction d'un Web s emantique multi-points de vue,
A Semantic Clustering-Based Approach for Searching and
Browsing Tag Spaces, Damir Vandic
Integrating Folksonomies into the Semantic Web, Lucia Specia and Enrico Motta, Knowledge Media Institute

W3C Basic Access Control Ontology

J.A. Pouwelse et al.,Tribler: A social-based Peer-to-Peer system, Delft University of
Technology, Vrije Universitei,

Semantic Social Overlay Networks, Alexander Loser, Steffen Staab, and Christoph Tempich,

High Performance Peer-to-Peer Computing with Applications to the Obstacle Problem,
The Tung Nguyen,

Teemu Tommila et al., Fuzzy Ontolgies for Retrieval of Industrial Knowledge - A Case Study,

Kathrin Dentler et al., Semantic Web Reasoning by Swarm Intelligence, Department of Artificial Intelligence, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Links to "Building Social Applications with Linked Data Platform"

These March 2014 presentations give thoughts from Sandro Hawke, Andrei Sambra, and Tim Berners Lee, and others about the social web and a prototype called with an illustration of the linked data platform at
Also see the slides at

Building Social Applications with Linked Data Platform (LDP) -- Crosscloud -- Part 1 <>

Building Social Applications with Linked Data Platform (LDP) -- Crosscloud -- Part 2 <>

Edit: Part2 <>

Building Social Applications with Linked Data Platform (LDP) -- Crosscloud -- Part 3 <>

It should be noted that it was mentioned that the Linked Data Platform has a lot in common with the AtomPub. I am guessing that this is the Atom Publishing Protocol illustrated in RFC5023 (