Friday, April 26, 2013

Financial System

I've realized that I do not understand the financial system. Would the existing financial system support something like MNDF, or does it need to be augmented? If so, how can it be done so it does not alienate anyone? Speaking of alienation, how would people like Tim Berners-Lee go about it? He says, "This is for Everyone". He even founded The World Wide Web Foundation, which is "devoted to achieving a world in which all people can use the Web to communicate, collaborate and innovate freely, building bridges across the divides that threaten our shared future". I certainly feel that the web is very powerful tool, and agree with Tim that even more changes could occur with the semantic web (should it exist). It is my hope that these changes do involve everyone.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I feel in somewhat of a crisis. I am doing this because it appears to work best for me at the present time. But that seems selfish. I think, "why don't I let it go"? I think it will help people. If that is the case, then it is worth pursuing. On my pursuit though, I feel it would be best to listen to others, and be humble. I hope I can do that.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Open Tech Forever

I noticed Michel Bauwen's publicising Open Tech Forever on Indiegogo. On their funding campaign they say, "Open Tech Forever is helping create the Open Source Economy: a collaborative society that shares its knowledge, skills, technologies, and resources to overcome artificial barriers and achieve abundance and prosperity for all." They also have a website at Aaron Makaruk, who is involved in the project, also gave a descriptive TEDx talk in Madrid about Open Source Ecology. The founder, Yoonseo KANG also will speaking at SDF 2013 . Other's mentioned include Johnathan Yelenick who is heavily into permaculture and Tristan Copley Smith who produces videos for the project.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PaySwarm client in Node.js

"This is the first blog post in a three part series that will explore the PaySwarm specifications and demonstrate, using code examples and video, how to build a fully functional PaySwarm client in Node.js." Reference:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Imputed Production and the Social Sufficiency Coalition blogs

I haven't looked enough into various models to use linked data. Presently, I have no idea what will truly work. Thanks to Patrick Anderson I know of some new things. He has two blogs that I know of: ( and (

Two Discoveries: Stuff like the Danube Project and (apparently) similar stuff Henry Story is working on

I just discovered that Henry Story ( is doing some stuff like this thanks to his post on Markus Sabadello's The Three Visions video (seeAlso: Here are what appear to be the latest links: for his blog post, and which includes a file, and a description for something titled AddressBook in the svn repo as well as something online ( Awesome, bookmark for the future.

Project Danube

I have to give a shout out to Project Danube. If you want serious coding go there. I'm still learning:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pangaia Project

Mark Janssen on the public-community-io mailing list informed me of a very similar project at A lot of thought was put into this project, and I intend on checking it out.


I e-mailed Zach Hoeken and he told me about BotQueue, a program that he has been working on with a few others. Apparently this is a way to send 3d printing requests such that multiple printers can print them at a time, speeding up efficiency. This seems great for the distributed manufacturing portion of the concept mentioned in this blog. I'd imagine one could extend this idea to other types of manufacturing so distributed teams could automatically build things (perhaps incorporating linked data) wherever it is best to build them without a lot of fuss. Tony pointed out in his blog hoektronics that he didn't see the point in distributing print jobs around the world, and then shipping them to location for purposes of inconsistent quality control, higher shipping costs than one shipment, various times of arrival. Zach retorted that it really wasn't the point of BotQueue. Instead it was to control large groups of printers at a high level. Again, this makes me wonder, how will this work with linked data, and forms of AI? I believe the folks at Digital Bazaar have given some thought to 3d printing and payment. I'm not certain I can find it, but here are some use cases published by Payswarm, a product that they have developed. Maybe there would be a way that everything could be paid for, and people would be happy?