Friday, March 16, 2012


In this distributed economy, distributed social networks such as Diaspora, Friendika, and GNU Social work with the Semantic Web, and are visualized with Network Visualization by means such as topic maps and RDF graphs. Files are shared amongst the network though bittorrent, perhaps in conjunction with complete files stored on and shared from certain servers. The network would allow for privacy, authentication, and display of license terms. Users on the distributed social network would have the ability to use grid computing to form virtual supercomputers and run engineering packages on them. Some projects would be realized and/or tested in the physical world by distributed manufacturing. Funding would be available from and to various nodes in the network.


  1. Bittorrent is not decentralized according to Sean K. Baker in his poster about Kudzu (, the 2007 paper about Tribler (, as well as other sources.

  2. I'm not certain exactly how all of these things will fit together. One purpose of this blog is to gain in understanding.