Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Notes from PaySwarm WordPress Plugin, pt 1, (about git and ssh and sshfs)

I found it easiest to clone the PaySwarm git repository to my local machine and then copy the files to my Webfaction server. It appears that I can also sshfs into the Webfaction server and run git directly there.

I can unmount my network folder using fusermount -u ~/{truncated_path_to_file_folder} (1), where remote_server where {truncated_path_to_file_folder} is the name that I gave to my network folder that was originally mounted from the command line with the command: sshfs{path_to_target_folder} {path_to_folder_on_local_machine} where {truncated_path_to_file_folder} was in my path on the local machine. To get fusermount to work correctly, I must close the console window that is accessing the file folder on the local machine. If I do not I get the error: fusermount: failed to unmount {path_to_folder_on_local_machine}: Device or resource busy.

To simply ssh into my webfaction server I use ssh (2). I find I can actually run git from there, but not npm which in a terminal that is not sshed into it. I figure git must be installed on the server that I am acessing. If I use sshfs it appears the folder appears as if it was local, so everything that works on my local machine will work in the mounted network folder in a gross extrapolation.

See this for reference:

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