Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Notes from PaySwarm Wordpress Plugin., pt 3

I went through the Webkeys Demo for Wordpress
( and I got this output:
Error The vendor that you are attempting to purchase something from has provided us with a bad asset listing. This is typically a problem with their e-commerce software. You may want to notify them of this issue.

Error Details httpStatusCode: 400 listing: listingHash: urn:sha256:25722494b760808671d80bbfb9e11a4be9e72825642e1083df47bf4ae9415707 --------------------------------------------/ I am not sure why.

The reason why I was not able to see the Payswarm buttons before, or really anything, must have been because I did not put any Payswarm related stuff in my blog post. Namely stuff like: BEGIN_PAYSWARM_UNPAID_ONLY_CONTENT, END_PAYSWARM_UNPAID_ONLY_CONTENT, PAYSWARM_ACCESS_BUTTON, BEGIN_PAYSWARM_PAID_CONTENT, END_PAYSWARM_PAID_CONTENT which is mentioned where I downloaded the plugin.

Heh, I guess I must have skipped  couple of steps. I was following the video, and not all of the steps are mentioned in it, but they are mentioned on the github site. Time to start again.


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