Sunday, June 5, 2016

Links about Client Side Certificates for SOLiD

On May 16th  I had a discussion with Melvin Carvalho about client side certificates on . I was not sure what they were, so I dug up some papers to try to understand it. I found "Using RDF Metadata to Enable Access Control on the Social Semantic Web" [1] and "FOAF+SSL: RESTful Authentication for the Social Web" [2]. I was trying to understand how Node SOLID Server [3] was set up because I was getting authentication an authorization errors.

Fortunately, I just found a document called "Client Side certificates" [4] by Tim Berners-Lee and a spec called "WebID-TLS" [5] .


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  1. Also note that mentioned in client side certificates is deprecated [1]. Perhaps we can fight for it as timbl suggests.