Monday, February 1, 2016

Apache Marmotta ISWC 2014 Tutorial 2016 Setup Review

I am talking about:

which has more complete bash prompt instructions here:

To get this tutorial to run on localhost:8080 I had to edit the pom.xml file to be marmotta version 3.4.0 instead of 3.3.0. 

I recall doing this:

I created a folder and I called iswc2014 I followed the first step as usual:

git clone -b develop
cd marmotta
mvn install -DskipTests -DskipITs
I then typed cd .. so I went up the directory to the iswc2014 folder. The command
git clone
did not workso I changed it to
git clone
I then copied it into the marmotta folder in hopes that it would pick up any 
associations that it would need. 
The command was cp -r  apache-marmotta-tutorial-iswc2014 ./marmotta/
I then typed 
cd marmotta
cd apache-marmotta-tutorial-iswc2014
mvn clean tomcat7:run

When I typed mvn clean tomcat7:run I got an error that suggested that maven was looking for 
maven-3.3.0 . Looking at the pom.xml file for marmotta, which was installed first, told me that the 
version I installed was 3.4.0. I figured I needed to change this in the pom.xml file for

I turned out there were two places in the pom.xml file where the version was defined. I may have 
broken something my changing this, but so far so good. I have the tutorial running at
http://localhost:8080/iswc2014.html .  

As of note, I am also running the latest maven binary installed from source.

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