Sunday, January 27, 2013

ISO 15926 - The Semantic Web for Process Industries

I recently discovered a standard which uses the semantic web for process industries. It is ISO 15926 <1>. Apparently it has been in development for awhile, since the late eighties <2>. It is self-described as the "Semantic Web for Engineering" at its official website <3>, <4>. A brief introduction may be found here <5>. The iRINGTools Software was created "to provide users with a deployable implementation of ISO 15926 services" <6>. Antoly Levenchuck apparently is an expert in the area. He started a blog <7>, and is also the president of the TechInvestLab consulting firm <8>, <9>.

I first learned about ISO 15926 from a presentation <10> by another expert named Adrian Laud who works for Noumenon Consulting Limited <11>. He gave this presentation at the Seminar on Industrial Information Management at VTT in Espoo, Finland <12>.

An overview of some implementations of ISO 15926 is available on the IRING Website <13> which includes work described by Levenchuck and Laud.















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  2. Anatoly Levenchuk wrote an ISO 15926 self-education sequence. See: