Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hacking Resources Originally Posted on the WebPayments Mailing List

For what is worth, here are a few things I've found interesting, or would like to learn more about:


IBM Red Book:
   - Hex Editor:
   - Hex Dump:

Patvera Maltego (network visualization used for social engineering)

Social Engineering Risks (the weakest link)

- Social Engineering:
- Hacking the Human, Ian Mann

Rainbow Tables, Dictionary Attacks, Brute Force Attacks  (for Cracking)

Rainbow Series (Collection of infosec books)


BackTrack Linux (penetration testing distribution)


Wireshark (packet analyzer)


Network Security Conferences, such as:

- DEFCON:   (curiously, no mention of the semantic web)
- Blackhat:

Metasploit (platform for exploitation)

- MetaSploit

SNORT (network intrusion detection and prevention)


netstat (network statistics)


ISO/IEC 27000-series (standards for information security)



The Network Security Bible, Eric Cole

Joel Scambray et. al, Hacking Web Applications Exposed, 2nd Ed.


Phrack Magazine:

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  1. I believe I was really wanting something more like netcat, although tools like netstat, ifconfig, ipconfig, etc. are also useful.