Sunday, September 28, 2014

Constructing triples for rea and partOf relations

The figure is an attempt to map part-whole relations, the rea ontology,  and Wordnet terms to triples using the part-whole and rea model diagrams earlier.

Please note the other urls: (wn20instances:word-automobile), (wn20instances:word-item)

I would like to expand the word item with lexical file number 06, frequency 16, offset 03593583 and definition "a whole or individual unit; especially when included in a list or collection". (from:

However, I am not sure how to query the WordNet data on the w3c site. The website gives some example queries. I will have to figure out how to load these into a triple store and query them. Perhaps I will use Neo4j ( and set up a sparql endpoint with this. (or just figure out how to run a sparql query of the one at Later, I would like to use a tuplestore such as Linda.

Earlier I thought about using regular expressions to go through the [download available at (]. I'd want to use something like grep (, which may be made easier by looking at the regexone site (


  1. One super hacker once used sed and awk with grep?
    [1] sed:
    [2] awk:

  2. I guess find will not do me much good beyond the file name?

  3. At some point it would be interesting to look at what Phil Dow said about http requests:

    Or Ryan Dahl's demo in "Introduction to Node.js"