Sunday, December 30, 2012

Turtle Files and Trying to set up

So apparently turtle files are useful for configuration. Such files are used in Apache Fuseki as well as Here is's, and here is Joseki's (what was before Fuseki).

What's with this madness? Well, I'm trying to get to search for .rdf files on my local machine. Szymon Danielczyk, the maintainer for mentioned that sparql search and lookup providers needed to be configured to find them (see his post in Google groups here).

I'm guessing that I need something else besides Fuseki (if it indeed works with, such as a regular search engine. Rather arbitrarily, I searched for Apache search engines on Google and I found Apache Solr.

I'm trying to follow the design of Sindice found in the developer section since Sindice is part of I also found the metadata extractions link, and the Sindice API link particularly interesting. I may have to check out the paper on titled " Live views on the Web of Data" found at: In light of being unsure, I may also check out the SPARQL tutorial as well as SOH - SPARQL over HTTP for Apache Jena. This should be a learning experience!

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