Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Reflections in the Real World

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories seems to have some parallels. They have a College Job Fair posting that mentions a few of the technologies proposed in this blog.

"Experience with knowledge discovery, information extraction, text processing, data analysis, visual analytics, , semantic graphs, natural language processing, machine learning, image and signal processing, large-scale data management and integration." Source: Job Title: COMPUTATION RECRUITER REFERRALS - Job ID: 8226 - LAWRENCE LIVERMORE NATIONAL LABORATORY - Computation Directorate/Computing Applications and Research Department - College Job Fair Posting

In an article in the American Libraries Magazine titled, "The newest TECH SET® offers 10 guides to today's best library technologies" the semantic web is mentioned. In the same magazine, there is an article titled "Create a Library "Tech Shop"". Could it be that a distributed economy could be focused in libraries?

In 2007, there wasn't a whole lot going on between the semantic web and social networks. Now there is quite a bit. Compare Nova Spivack's 2007 article, "Defining the Semantic Graph, What is it Really?" to the Open Graph Protocol on the Facebook Platform.

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